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Money Cart 2’s impressive visual style and fun gameplay come as a nice surprise. Although a lot of other slots try to pull off a steampunk aesthetic, this one does it better than others. Here in this Money Cart 2 Review, we’ll go through the positives and negatives of this slot machine.

Checking Out Money Cart 2

In order to provide an unbiased review, we put in a significant amount of time playing Money Cart 2 in order to get a feel for the game’s features and mechanics.

To determine its potential profitability, we examined its visuals, payout frequency, payout amount, estimated return to player percentage, and maximum win.

Locations Offering “Money Cart 2”

If you wish to try out Relax for free, you can do so on their website. If you want to play for real money, though, check out one of the casinos we reviewed.

New players can usually get a bonus to try out some of the newest games with. If you’d like to spend your new player bonus to play Money Cart 2, we recommend the following:

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New players at Novibet Casino can get a 100% welcome bonus of up to £150.

Symbols for Money Cart 2 and Their Payouts

When compared to standard slot machines, Money Cart. 2 has a completely unique gameplay. Landing three or more of these spiked metal bonus symbols will activate the respin bonus, which is where all the action is. The bonus game consists only of Bonus Symbols and blanks.

The base game offers no payouts, however the respin feature is activated rather quickly.

What They Mean

Each Bonus Symbol will be worth between one and ten coins once you activate this feature.

Similar to the regular Bonus Symbols, but worth anything from 20 to 200 coins, the Golden Bonus Symbols appear sometimes.

A blue icon depicting a lady holding a handgun represents The Payer. It displays a coin value, which is added to the values of all other symbols now in view across all reels.

The Collector is an orange icon depicting a scowling bandit holding a sack. The worth of the coin is revealed, and it is added to the total value of the reels that are currently visible.

Both of these functions are performed by the Collector/Payer. A coin’s value is revealed, added to the total of all other visible values, and then applied to all other symbols.

The Sniper is represented by a man in green armor holding a weapon. The coin value is revealed, and the value of three to eight additional bonus symbols is multiplied by two.

The Necromancer, depicted in red, is a man with his hands on two power coils. The value of the coin is revealed, along with the reappearance of two to seven of the first set of four symbols.

The Plus version of the Reset symbol is a blue pocket watch. It exposes the worth of a coin and adds that much to the maximum number of re-spins.

The six-barreled rifle represents the doggedness of the Constant Payer. It acts like the Payer symbol, except it appears in every spin afterward.

The Dogged Gatherer represents a huge magnet. It acts like the Collector symbol, but it appears on every spin after the initial one.

The sniper rifle represented by the Persistent Sniper. The Sniper symbol’s effects are duplicated on the next spin.

Extra Spools

When a reel is completely covered by any symbol, an extra reel becomes available for the remainder of that round. In a single game, this can happen twice, increasing the number of reels by three.

Adjustable Stakes and Autoplay

The game features a wide variety of betting options. On the low end, you can bet as little as £0.10, and on the high end, you can gamble as much as £200.

The autoplay feature can be adjusted in practically every way imaginable. You can set a limit on how much it can win or lose before it stops playing automatically, and you can instruct it to make bets of varying values.

Retail Value Projection for Money Cart 2

This game boasts a remarkable return of 98.00 percent. These days, such high RTP video slots hardly ever hit the market.

The Unpredictability of Getting Hit

The game has a very low house edge, but the way it is played is extremely risky. Spins that keep accumulating cash for several minutes at a time are relatively uncommon, but the number of spins between such opportunities is rather high.

There may be dozens of spins where no symbols appear at all. It can be disheartening to see spin after spin pass without so much as a ding sound effect to offer you hope, despite the fact that the triumphs are virtually always exhilarating.

Optimal Success

If you’re feeling reckless and place the maximum amount, you might win as much as 50,000 coins (or 5,000 times your initial wager) in a single spin.

The victories in Money Cart 2 are extremely satisfying, but they were far from easy to get.

Unlike most slots, Money Cart 2 doesn’t fill the screen with useless symbols and random visual noise before each spin, giving you false faith that you’ll eventually win. Except for the required symbols to initiate the re-spins, the board is completely empty. This is both a major benefit and drawback of Money Cart 2.

Each spin is interesting due to the lack of unnecessary symbols. Every sign has a meaning, and you know it. When one or both of them appear on the same reel at the same moment, you can feel the adrenaline rush.

But then there are the voids in between. Silence. Nothing appears for several turns. After ten or twenty spins without any sort of sound effect, save from that appealing metallic grit soundtrack mocking you each round, it starts to seem like mindless clicking.

In-Game Functions

While standard online slot features like multipliers are included in Money Cart 2, the game’s standout qualities are its special symbols and its re-spin mechanism.

Free Turns

All the fun occurs during the free spins bonus round. Here, you’ll keep spinning the reels in the hopes of getting another symbol, which will restore your free spins to their original number and also award you the coin value associated with that symbol. All of your huge wins will come from these spins.

You can win hundreds of coins with each symbol in a single round if you use modifiers from symbols like the Payer/Collector or the Persistent symbols correctly. Bonus spins are extremely entertaining because the hit frequency increases dramatically (we almost filled every reel a couple of times).

The Design of Money Cart 2 Is Sophisticated and Nearly Ideal.

Money Cart 2 achieves the steampunk feel it seems to be going for thanks to its gritty low-tone music and dusty, yet attractive, visual aesthetic. The whole aesthetic is well-executed, and unlike with some other slot machines, you won’t find yourself becoming tired of the visuals or turning down the music after a few hours of play.

There is nothing about Money Cart 2’s visual design that will get under your skin. You can’t help but appreciate the effort put into this slot’s design no matter how many times you play the reels.


Money Cart 2 is unquestionably superior to the norm. The game’s mechanics are ingeniously fun. Its aesthetic is a diamond in the rough, yet it has some rough spots in between its victories. It’s unusual to find a slot that’s so well-designed and well-executed.

Finding Money Cart 2 amid a sea of games that all look and feel the same was a wonderful surprise.

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