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As online gambling expands from country to country, it has never been more essential to understand where you can participate and where you cannot. Like many other nations, Germany is a muddled bag. Only one of Germany’s sixteen law-making states regulates and permits online gambling. There are a number of top-tier land-based casinos for players to choose from, but the online situation is less favorable. Want to know everything there is to know about wagering in Germany? From the finest online and physical casinos to the trendiest online casino games and gambling laws!

Germany Online Casino Evaluations

Similar to the United States, Germany has a system of State and Federal law, so what you can and cannot do varies from region to region, which is, to say the least, perplexing. What unifies the German gambling milieu is the widespread approval of land-based casino gambling and wagering!

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German online casinos with the finest bonuses, promotions, and payment methods

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Finding a German Online Casino by Consulting Our Casino Reviews

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Germany is a hub of gaming activity (revenue from wagering in 2018 equaled that of the United Kingdom at 14.2 million). As a pro-gambling nation, Germany offers a plethora of options to its participants, who are spoiled for choice. Particularly with regard to land-based wagering and gambling. With over 60 land-based casinos and 9,000 Slot Halls distributed across the country, there is something in every metropolis, and the revenue for the entire industry is booming. However, when it comes to online gambling, there is a strict list of regulated operators, and it is nearly impossible to be added to the list if you are not already on it.

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Why Play at German Online Casinos

Germany is a secure, regulated market where legal wagering is permitted.

There are online and land-based casinos in the country.

Multiple payment methods are enabled.

Germany is an advanced wagering market, but further deregulation of sports betting is required.

Casino and Gambling Legitimacy in Germany

Gambling in Germany has a colorful history, with most infrastructure devastated by the effects of the second world war and a new constitution resulting from its conclusion. This established a system of Federal and State governance, similar to that of the United States. Regarding federal regulation of gambling, Germany has only one treaty: the Interstate Gambling Treaty.

Treaty on Interstate Gambling

The Interstate Gambling Treaty, which was proposed in 2008 and passed in 2012 after extensive revision, maintains state monopoly of the lottery, limits sports betting licenses, allows individual states to determine their own rules for online casino games, and imposes a total ban on online casinos and games. It also called for the establishment of a regulatory body to oversee the wagering industry in Germany. Only one state did not ratify the act. Schleswig-Holstein abstained and is now host to the only online casinos in Germany.

The Interstate Gambling Treaty is still in effect in Germany, but it has been challenged by the European Union Court of Justice, which ruled that Germany cannot punish citizens who wish to play at offshore online casinos or the operators who provide the service because it violates free trade regulations. What does this signifier? While the German government is okay with land-based wagering taking place on their territory, they obviously do not want their citizens gambling online, but they are unable to stop it. In addition, they are prohibited from punishing either the operator or the player.

Schleswig-Holstein Gambling Act

Schleswig-Holstein, a state in northern Germany, abstained from the Interstate Treaty and enacted its own Gambling Act. It authorized online casinos and sportsbooks and issued 23 casino licenses and 25 sportsbook licenses. Since the 2012 enactment of the Gambling Act, no new licenses have been issued, but those who already hold licenses continue to do so. This means that German participants have two options when it comes to online gambling: sites registered and regulated by the State of Schleswig-Holstein or international sites. (offshore online casino). In any case, there is an abundance of options, as all online casinos take euro transactions.

Government Lottery in Germany

The lottery is popular in Germany, and each of the 16 states can independently operate its own version. There are numerous variations of the lottery, and even television stations participate. Tickets can be purchased online, and the rewards for the fortunate few whose numbers are drawn are substantial.

Gambling on Land in Germany

All sixteen German states feature casinos, bookmakers, and slot parlors, which are extremely popular. This country has 60 casinos, 9,000 slot machines and table games, and tons of bookmakers, which is quite impressive. Depending on the form of gaming they offer, all land-based operators in Germany are governed by one of three license categories.

Online Casino Games Popular in Germany

Due to the legality and prevalence of land-based and social gambling in Germany, all forms of casino games are prevalent. Examining the market share enjoyed by each form of gambling activity reveals the following distribution:

Bet on any sport or event in Germany, where football is the most lucrative market. As Germany is scheduled to host the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament, there will be nonstop action leading up to this event.

Online Casinos – 34% Market share: This includes online Slots, online Blackjack, online Roulette, scratch cards, and a plethora of additional games. Due to the Schleswig-Holstein wagering Act, despite the stringent regulations in other states, online wagering in Germany is highly active. A significant factor in the success of online casinos in Germany is their ability to offer superior online casino incentives that cannot be matched by land-based casinos.

Poker – 24% Market share: Poker is enjoyed online, in social settings, and in land-based establishments across the nation. The legality of social card games allows participants to enjoy and host amicable games at home. Live Online Poker is also popular in Germany, with casino options provided by Evolution and NetEnt.

German online casino bonuses

Except for Schleswig-Holstein, all German states have a strict prohibition on online casinos. Those that are operating and licensed by the State of Schleswig-Holstein, however, offer an abundance of additional action. German online casinos are administered by some of the largest and most reputable companies in the iGaming industry, which implies sky-high bonuses for active players. Consider daily login offers, free spins, no-deposit bonuses, casino cashback, and much more!

Options for Banking at German Casinos

As a result of the well-developed e-commerce market, German participants have access to a multitude of payment methods. Additionally, Euros are one of the most widely used currencies, so you will never have to worry about this regardless of which casino you choose to play with.

Popular, secure, and regulated payment methods for German casinos include MuchBetter, Neteller Casinos, Skrill Casinos, Paysafecard Casinos, Trustly Casinos, Visa Casinos, Mastercard Casinos, Apple Pay, and many others. PayPal Casinos are the only noteworthy exception to the German casino payment methods landscape. Sadly, they will discontinue operations in 2019. In German markets, participants have access to an abundance of Credit and Debit, e-wallet, and mobile payment options.

Software utilized in German casinos

Germany’s gambling industry is thriving due to a multitude of land-based alternatives and a scattering of licensed online operators. Whether you gamble online or offline in this country, there is a vast selection of top-tier software available, including games from Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Playtech, and others. Online gambling also offers Live Dealer Tables in your native language. Prepared to begin playing? Choose a casino and claim a welcome bonus now!

FAQ Regarding German Casinos

Are casinos in Germany legal?

Yes, Germany is pro-gambling and home to numerous casinos. However, they prohibit online casinos from functioning from within the country. Germans can gamble at offshore casinos.

Can I win actual money playing casino games in Germany?

In Germany, it is possible to receive a large number of cash prizes at both land-based and online casinos.

Is it lawful to gamble online in Germany?

In Schleswig-Holstein, online casinos and wagering are permitted. Alternatively, participants may choose an offshore casino

Why does only one state in Germany permit online gambling?

The State of Schleswig-Holstein abstained from voting on the Interstate Gambling Treaty, in which all states except Schleswig-Holstein voted to ban online casinos in the United States. The state of Schleswig-Holstein then issued licenses for wagering and casino operators to establish registered online casinos on its territory.

Is it possible that the remainder of Germany will legalize online casinos?

At this juncture, it is unlikely, but anything is possible. Germany is surrounded by countries that support online wagering and a flourishing industry, so it is hoped that they will soon consider full legalization.


Can I play Poker for actual money in Germany?

Yes. You can participate in a land-based casino, with peers in a social setting, or on an online site.


Which online casino is the finest for German players?

We have ranked and assessed the top German casino sites at the top of this page. Take a look and locate a top-notch casino to engage with right away.


Can I gamble online with Euros?

Yes. Virtually every online casino allows euro deposits. In addition, they offer a variety of payment options to accommodate most preferences.


Can I receive a welcome bonus at a German casino?

Yes. At international online casinos, German players have their choice of enticing sign-up bonuses. Since you can play at virtually any site, you have access to a vast selection of incentive offers and can choose the finest!


Do I have to pay taxes in Germany on my casino winnings?

In Germany, operators pay gambling taxes on their profits, not participants, making it an excellent gambling jurisdiction.


Play at German Online Casinos

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