Slot Overview: Megaways on Amazon’s Island

Max Win Gaming, a company that works with Red Tiger, was last seen in their cash appreciation slot, Dream Destiny, which sent players to a beach where they could relax and check their winnings. The Megaways on Amazon Island are the polar opposite. This vibrant slot machine game transports players to an exotic locale in the jungle, where they may enjoy special bonuses like cascades and free spins in accordance with some unusual guidelines.

While the jungle has a lovely reputation, it may be a harsh environment for individuals who aren’t well equipped for it. Actually, the one on Amazon Island Megaways is a fear-free zone in the actual world. The jungle floor is devoid of nasty crawlies, and all of the locals, including the purported fauna, wear permanent grins. The Aztec influence is subtle, consisting mostly of a few masks placed above the playing grid and some masonry in the background. The game board itself is conventional Megaways fare, with 6 reels holding 2–7 symbols apiece and a horizontal reel with 4 positions placed just above the main reels. Each spin can provide one of 117,649 possible winning symbol combinations.

While wagers on Amazon Island Megaways range from 20 pence to £/€8 each spin, the game’s adorable appearance belies its seriousness. A highly unpredictable mathematical formula ensures this, with a theoretical return value of 96.07% (however this number can be lower; check the paytable for specifics).

In order to win, a combination of symbols must appear from the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel. The paytable has ten symbols: the first nine are the low-paying playing cards (Jack, Queen, King, and Ace), which pay up to 1.5 times the wager for six of a kind. The next set of symbols are the four high-paying character symbols, which include a parrot, a monkey, a leopard, and a man dressed like an Aztec chief. High-paying combinations of six symbols can award players with payouts of two to fifty times their wager. A second monkey is available to aid adventurers on the island. Here we have the gold-plated wild with blue diamonds for eyes. Simply said, the wild sign can be used in place of any other symbol.

Slot Highlights on Amazon’s Megaways

Amazon Island Megaways uses cascades, as is typical with Megaways slots. The response function activates after each victory. Once a winning combination is made, it is removed from the reels and fresh symbols cascade into its place. Until no further victories occur, this mechanism permits coins to continue to be accumulated from successive reactions.

The free spins bonus round in Amazon Island Megaways is not unique, but the amount of spins you get and how often they retrigger are. When 3 or 4 treasure box scatter symbols appear, free spins are triggered. The next step in the free spins bonus is for a Jungle Wheel to spin and determine the base number of Megaways. Awards on the Jungle Wheel can range from 1,000 to 25,000 Megaways each segment.

The bonus will begin after that condition has been met. One mask above the reels will display the amount of remaining free spins in jewels, with the bonus starting at three. When a player has three consecutive losing spins, the round ends, and the number is reset to 3.

During free spins, a win multiplier is in effect, starting at x1 for 3 scatters and up to x5 for 4 scatters. After each response, the win multiplier rises by 1, and there is no cap on how high it may go.

Slot Machine Results from Amazon’s Megaways

Amazon Island Megaways can serve as a good example of what slot machines would look like if Walt Disney got involved. It’s one of the brightest Megaways games we’ve seen in a while, with an aesthetic that will please some players and irritate others. After reviewing a game heavily based on Norse mythology, the introduction of Amazon Island Megaways served as a welcome respite from all that darkness. As is the case with any very volatile slot machine, appearances don’t necessarily correlate to gameplay in Amazon Island Megaways.

The core gameplay is based entirely on chain reactions, so while there is some innovation going on, you won’t find it there. Once the free spins feature activates, the stakes in Amazon Island Megaways are raised significantly. Fortunately, bonus rounds usually provide players more than three spins to rack up a fair score, as winners reset the counter. Having a consistent amount of Megaways is a nice and sometimes quite beneficial bonus throughout the feature. In tests, the Amazon Island Megaways never become uncontrollable, but if everything falls into place, you may win 10,918 times your original bet.

The structure of free spins makes them less popular than if one just had to collect a certain amount of icons, and then play. To generate the original Megaways snowball effect during free spins, it is still necessary to lock in as many reactions as possible to boost the win multiplier. However, Max Win’s design decisions have provided players a new angle from which to approach the game. Like the incredibly charming inhabitants, the Amazon Island Megaways free spins aren’t for everyone. However, they are fascinating, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see this feature return in future editions.

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